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SWiFT 7 assessments are designed to safeguard and enhance air quality and the environment. The standard supports the requirements set out in under the Air Pollution Act 1987 (as amended by S.I. 326 of 2012 Air Pollution Act (Marketing, sale, Distribution and Burning of Specified Fuel) Regulations 2012).


The assessment process will include both an off-site review of documentation and an onsite/remote assessment of your site. Each operator will be required to supply data and make records and personnel available during the onsite/remote assessment for us to review against the requirements of the standard and statutory instrument.

On successful completion of the assessment process, operators will be certified to the SWiFT 7 standard for a period of 1 year. Certification will need to be maintained to continue to operate within the Irish residential market in subsequent years and proof of this must be supplied to the EPA annually.


Certification Europe would like to take this opportunity to explain the certification process and highlight the key stages you will be going through.

  1. Online data submission

    1. Each operator will need to register on our dedicated SWiFT 7 website.
    2. Data is submitted through our online portal for a 12 month which begins with the day after your last submission.
    3. This data must be submitted prior to onsite inspection. Failure to supply this data will result in an operator not being certified and therefore not meet EPA requirements.
  2. Offsite Assessment

    1. Your data is assessed by our in-house audit team
    2. Any clarification or further details required will be communicated to you prior to your onsite visit
  3. Onsite/Remote Assessment

    1. Our assessor will arrange either a site-visit or a virtual “remote” visit with you to assess and verify you meet the requirements of SWiFT 7:2015
    2. This will include inspection of records, a site tour, examining processes and ensuring calibration and testing are carried out as required.
    3. You will be supplied with an assessment report detailing the assessment findings and any recommendations. A copy of this report will also be issued to the EPA.
    4. Each visit should take between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours depending on the size of site and scale of production.
  4. Recommendation

    1. If you meet the requirements you will be recommended for certification and an independent review of your assessment report will be carried out.
    2. If you do not meet the requirements, a further offsite assessment or onsite visit may be required.
  5. Certification

    1. You will be notified about certification decision via email.
    2. Upon successful SWiFT7 certification, you will be able to apply for Coal Bagging Operators Licence with EPA. In order to apply, please complete Coal Bagging Operators Registration Form available on EPA website.
    3. You will receive a copy of your SWiFT 7:2015 Certificate from EPA, which can be held as proof of compliance with the standard and S.I. 326 of 2012

SWiFT 7 Documentation available for PDF download

Guidance Notes to Clients for preparation for on-site Assessment Online Portal and Submission Instructions

Online Portal and Submission Instructions

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